Aug 2013
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Dear Colleagues,

I simply ran out of time to arrange for a casual August chapter meeting. My apologies!

BIG DOIN's are coming our way in September and October.

    The first BIG DOIN, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 2013 is a Hailun factory sponsored presentation, co-sponsored by Music Masters Piano Service, and the Austin PTG.

    The meeting will be held at Music Masters Piano Service's new showroom located at 11190 Circle Drive.  Austin, TX 78736.  THE MEETING STARTS AT 09:00 AM.

    Hailun is sending  Mike Caraher  to present a half-day technical presentation for our Chapter on Saturday, September 7, 2013.

    This meeting will be held at Music Masters Piano Service's new store at 11190 Circle Drive.  Austin, TX 78736, where there will be up to 7 differnt Hailun piano models available on display.

    Hailun will be providing bound technical service manuals for all who attend.  Attendees will keep these!

    Hailun is in the process of locating a new Hailun action model for us to keep for future PTG testing.

    The technical presentation will be based on the 3 hour upright action regulation class that Hailun teaches at the national convention.  This class focuses on the different techniques needed to regulate Chinese actions today.  This is a hands-on class that is particularly useful as the majority of pianos produced today are Chinese, and our older tools and techniques are not applicable in regulating these actions.  We will also look at their upright sostenuto system if time permits.

    The meeting will start at 9:00 AM, with our business meeting followed by a short introduction to Hailun piano's history and their unique product features.  Either I or a Hailun Representative will lead this Hailun portion.  Topics covered will include their sealed soundboard design, HLP slow close grand piano lids, PAS upright keybed system, agraffe upright bass and duplex treble scaling, full peremeter upright plates, upright sostenuto system, their "dream assurance" exchange program, and their lifetime/15-year transferable warranty.

    We MUST have at least 20 PTG members attend, and preferably 30 members as Hailun is offering to pay their presentation fee, the hotel accomodations, and the travel expenses if we do.  So that's why we must!

    We are considering inviting non technicians to the early part of the meeting to allow them to learn about Hailun pianos in general.  This will help us fill out our ranks.  However, the technical portion will likely start at 10:00 and should break around 11:30 for a deli style lunch at the store. <==No food or drinks on the pianos!  We can resume the presentation at Noon and should be finished between 1:30 to 2:00 p.m. based on follow up questions.

    Our Austin chapter will provide the refreshments, 3 tables, easel with tablet, and lunch. We also understand Hailun Pianos may also have up to $600 in presentation honorarium fees to charge in the event that we cannot provide a full audience.

    Our chapter has not had a factory presentation in over three years. (Sheesh, the Chapter President must be a real slacker!) This factory sponsored event is the first from a Chinese piano manufacturer.  Hailun only produces acoustic pianos, you know, the type piano you don't plug in.  Chinese pianos are here to stay. We, as piano technicians, will experience them more and more as they enter homes, institutions, churches, etc...  Their piano quality improves as they evolve to make a better sounding, more serviceable, affordable instrument.  This is an excellent opportunity to learn service techniques and see new tools necessary to easily service Hailun pianos and most other modern Chinese piano actions... straight from the manufacturer.

Now, go get a cool drink, and I'll tell you about the next BIG DOIN'!

    Mark this on your calander y'all!!!

    Saturday, October 12, 2013 at 09:00 AM, our Chapter is hosting Nick Gravangne, RPT, at UT's Butler School of Music, room MRH 2,614. That's on the first floor of the Music Building. This is going to be an all day presentation. Nick utilizes a great power point presentation, along with  plenty of "HANDS ON" opportunities.This topic will be "Action Geometry - Yet Another Look". Nick quotes, "This is not simply about theory, but what you learn here, you can put to use in your very next action job!" A "deli style" lunch will be provided. Attendance fee is $65.00 for PTG Members and $85.00 for non members.  Parking will be back to normal. This will be a good'n y'all. Seating is limited to 40. Be there or be square.

Thanks so much for your reading time!

I hope your summer is going well, and you're all prospering.  I know we're all perspiring!  I just wish I prospered as much as I perspired.

I hope to see you September 7, and October 12, 2013.


Linn Roath

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