Dec 2013
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Dear Colleagues,

Here it is, December seventh, and I'm finally posting the December newsletter.  My apologies for my tardiness.

There will be no December meeting or Christmas party.

Our next chapter meeting will be January 6, 2014 at UT's Butler School of Music.  More detailed info will be forthcoming.

It's PTG membership renewal time.  Your membership fees are due by December 31, 2013.  If you need extra time to submit your membership fees, please consult with our Regional VP Steve Walthall. 

I propose that we take care of any 2014 membership expenses for John Sanders, a charter member of the Austin Texas Chapter, and Everett Clare, the Austin area pneumatic player piano and dowsing/divining expert.  I know they both enjoy receiving the Journal and PTG membership.  I'd like for our chapter to extend these gentlemen this courtesy.  If you're opposed to this proposition, please contact me ASAP! We will need to take this to a chapter vote during our January meeting. 

Next, I propose we raise the funds necessary to compensate a Chapter Delegate representing our chapter at the national convention.  I feel just covering expenses is not enough for the time and effort involved.  I know...been there...done that!   I am not alone in this thought.  This proposal will have to be brought to a vote at the January meeting as well.

We have some people to thank for their contribution to our chapter in 2013. They are, as follows:

    Our special thanks go out to Glenn Richter, Acting Dean of the UT Sara and Ernest Butler School of Music, and to Charles Ball, Head of Piano Technical Services at the UT BSOM.  It's through these gentlemen that we are able to hold our chapter meetings at UT's Butler School of Music.  Imagine what our expenses and challenges would be if we had to rent or provide a space for 28 attendees, a presenter and a grand piano and piano actions and action models at our disposal. And, don't forget about the regular monthly chapter meetings. We are truly lucky to have this privilege. Mr. Richter, Mr. Ball our heartfelt thanks are extended to you!

    Steve Walthall, is our PTG South Central Regional Vice President.  Steve is a very active chapter member. Along with his duties as PTG-RVP, Steve mentors and teaches aspiring piano technicians and gives his experience freely.  Steve administers the written and technical tests for our chapter.  Steve, thank you for your time, experience, and generosity.   By the way, if you attended the Nick Gravange presentation, and experienced the breakfast offerings, that was Steve's contribution to the presentation.  Thank you for your time Steve!

    Christopher Prewitt, Chapter VP.  Chris was our Chapter Delegate this year at the PTG National Convention.  This is a two day endeavor.  It's a learning experience. It's two FULL days of PTG by-laws amendment voting. Chris is also an active chapter member, attending as many meetings as his time allows.  Thank you for your time Chris.

    Joe Dunn is our Chapter Secretary/Treasurer.  For the three years I've been an Austin chapter member and three years Chapter President. During that time  there ain't NEVER been even a penny out of place.  Well done!  Joe is also an active member,chapter meeting presenter, and attendee.  Thank you for your time Joe!

    Tom Seay is our newsletter Ninja.  Tom makes sense of the drivel I send him and tools it into a presentable newsletter.  Tom, thank you for your time!

    Thanks to Brian and Jeannie Henselman for their generosity with the Hailun factory presentation in September 2013.  They arranged for the factory representative and factory technician at their cool retail space and provided great breakfast nosh.

Just off the top of my head, in 2013 we admitted  four new chapter members, and two chapter members are now RPT's.  Pretty dang good I'd say! 

If any member has a piano or piano business related topic they'd like to present or discuss in a chapter meeting, please let me know.  Again I ask members for photos of interesting pianos they've tuned or repaired.  We need to update our Austin PG photo page.

I wish a safe, happy and restful holiday season to all y'all. See you January 6th next year.


Linn Roath,
PTG Ausitn Chapter President
Cell:  817-880-3993

Look below for a message from the North Bennet Street School of Piano Technology:

Half-time piano technology instructor

The North Bennet Street School in Boston seeks a part-time instructor for the full-time Piano Technology 1 program. This instructor presents the theoretical, technical and practical material involved in the piano technology trade and is responsible for preparation and presentation of all instructional material.  Start date is Sept 2014.   Complete details online at

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