Jan 2013
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Dear Colleagues,

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. I hope you all got your share of tunings and repair work for the holiday season.

It's 2013, and time to pay our annual dues for both PTG national and chapter membership. Our PTG dues were actually due December 31, 2012. If you have not received your renewal notice from the PTG home office, you can contact Sandy Roady, and she can give you your total. For those who have paid your 2013 dues, bravo and thank you.

Our next Chapter meeting will be Monday, February 11, 2013. The meeting will be held at UT's Butler School of Music, in room M3.114. The meeting will be from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM, if we run that long.

Christopher Prewitt came up with the topic. We'll be holding a forum discussing the pains and pitfalls of the newer technician. And, through the experience of the more seasoned technicians, you will learn to see and avoid these problems before unpacking your tools. Both Associates and RPT's are more than welcome to attend and share their experiences in avoiding work that, in retrospect, you should not have done and that you might not want to take on again. Also, learn how to inform a customer if their piano is in need of serious repair, or beyond repair. This can be a touchy subject, especially if your talking about "grandma's cherished, heirloom, vertical grand piano" that hasn't seen any maintenance in decades. I'll have more to say regarding the forum, as we continue to hone the presentation.


Last month, I met John Sanders. John is one of the charter members of our chapter. He helped form the Austin chapter back in 1961.

John has been retired form piano work for some time now. John gave me three boxes and two tool boxes of miscellaneous piano parts and supplies. John has generously donated all of it to our chapter. We will be giving all of it away within the next 2 chapter meetings. John is doing well and living in a retirement community here in Austin, where he invited me to join him for dinner.

During dinner, I learned more about his contributions to the founding of the Austin Chapter. John was our long-time Treasurer, keeping the financial records for our chapter over many years. John helped make this chapter happen for the rest of us. I, for one, am grateful for his contribution to our Austin Texas Chapter and would like to thank him, on behalf of our chapter, for his hard work and leadership over the years.


Linn Roath, President
Austin Chapter PTG

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