March 2013
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There will be a March PTG Chapter meeting after all!

    The meeting will be held MONDAY, MARCH 4, 2013 at UT's Butler School of Music,
    in room M 3.113, from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM.  I apologize for the short notice!

    Your Chapter VP, Christopher Prewitt, and the SWRC VP, Steve Walthall will be hosting a meeting geared toward Associate members who are interested in taking the technical and written tests.  This will be a "Hands On" meeting utilizing vertical and grand piano action models.  They'll also cover making  the elusive "KNOT" used in splicing broken strings.  String replacement will also be addressed.  They'll cover as much as time allows.  This is a wonderful opportunity to hone the skills needed to pass the written and technical tests, and become a Registered Piano Technician.  Any questions on the Tuning Test will be answered as well.  Any RPT is also welcome to attend and share their experiences and skills.  RPT's, please come and show your support in helping our Associates becoming RPT's.  We also have to vote on accepting a new applicant into our Austin Chapter. 

    April's meeting will be at Mollberg Piano Restoration in beautiful Blanco Texas.  We're shooting for either the first or second Saturday in April.  Directions to Bernard Mollberg's facility will be provided in the next news letter in mid March.  I know many of you Piano Technicians are also musicians, so why don't you bring your instrument with you so we could have an impromptu jam session after the meeting.  I know I'll bring my guitar, and possibly my pedal steel guitar.  Food for thought.

    I'm working on a business related meeting for summer or early fall.  I'd like to have a speaker cover bookkeeping, or other business related topics, like what to charge for your work…  Web page design is another topic we could cover.  Something along those lines.

    Nick Gravange, RPT and Piano Engineer, will be giving a presentation to our chapter in October.  Nick is busy with the WestPac conference now, so October is the earliest he can visit Austin.

    Additionally, if any Associates or RPT's have ideas for chapter meeting topics, I'd love to hear them.

    I hope this newsletter finds you all busy with piano work, generally happy, and healthy.  Remember, it ain't the stress that kills you, it's how you deal with the stress.


    Linn Roath, RPT
    PTG Austin Chapter President
    Cell:  817-880-3993

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