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Dear Colleagues,

I want to thank all the PTG members who attended the Hailun Presentation, presented and sponsored by Hailun Pianos, Music Masters Piano Service and the Austin PTG Chapter. Your willingness to take time from your schedules to attend this seminar is greatly appreciated. We had 25 attendees! Special thanks to those members who had to travel from Waco, LaGrange, San Antonio and further to attend. Nice turn out Colleagues! Thank you!

More importantly, I want to thank Brian and Jeanie Henselman of Music Masters Piano Service for their hospitality in offering their retail space to host the presentation. Brian put in a huge effort and took the ball down field for a touch down. Jeanie kicked the field goal. Brian shared his knowledge about Chinese pianos in the US and world marketplace and his relationship with the Hailun Piano Company, and their products. Brian and Jeanie, thank you so much for your hard work on this winning event! Bravo!!!

Finally, many thanks to Hailun Piano and Bruce McKeithen, Hailun Sales Western USA, and Mike Carraher, Hailun Technical Engineer for sharing their time and knowledge with the Upright Action Regulation presentation. Bravissimo!

Bruce McKeithen, in the piano business since the early '70's, gave us great information on past and present piano sales - where the piano manufacturing business was 40 years ago, how it changed, where the market is today, and where it's headed. Bruce shared his relationship with Hailun, Sauter, and Petrof piano manufacturers. The other point Bruce shared is Hailun only builds acoustic pianos. Nothing else.

Mike Carrarher is one of the few of Hailun's "Nuts & Bolts" techs in the States. Mike, already a skilled RPT, and two other technicians visit the Hailun manufacturing facility in China regularly, providing Hailun with critical information about engineering and design problems and improvements that need attention. These problems and improvements are actually addressed and changed by the manufacturer. It actually happens! Fancy that! Mike had some great methods and cool tools for producing a well regulated, well responding vertical piano action! Mike gave a very interesting 6 hour presentation! I didn't see anyone dozing! Our bread and butter is servicing vertical pianos. Remember attendees, as Mike stated, "It's all in the drive train!".

If any of you took photos or vids of the Hailun event, please send them to me so we can put them on the web site. (See below.)

Any techs have any photos of interesting pianos they've had to repair or pronounce DOA? Any techs have any "Atta Boy/Girl" photos of work well done? We haven't had a photo update in a few years.

Next month, write this down, Nick Gravangne is giving an all day Seminar. On Saturday, October 12, 2013 at 09:00 AM, our Chapter is hosting Nick Gravangne, RPT, Piano Engineer, at UT's Butler School of Music, room MRH 2,614. That's on the first floor of the Music Building. This is going to be an all day presentation. Nick utilizes a great power point presentation, along with plenty of "HANDS ON" opportunities.This topic will be "Action Geometry - Yet Another Look". Nick quotes, "This is not simply about theory, but what you learn here, you can put to use in your very next action job!" A "deli style" lunch will be provided. The afternoon class will be Nick's Sound Board Class. Nick informs me this class is a lot of fun. Nick produces sound boards so I'm sure he he is very knowledgeable and is sharing that information with us. Attendance fee is $60.00 for PTG Members and $80.00 for non members. Parking IS back to normal at UT. This will be a good'n y'all. Seating is limited to 40. Please RSVP to me at

Attention Asscoiates, attention Associates! I hope to put together a November chapter meeting geared towards assisting Associate members to move towards RPT certification. Are ANY Associate members interested in a meeting like this? If so, attention RPT's, attention RPT's! Would any of you be interested in sharing your skills with Associate members wanting to move towards an RPT certificate? Remember that RPT who helped you with your tuning, teaching you how to splice a string, action regulation/repair, and maybe even saved your hide after you got in WAAAAAAY over your head? HMMMM? I've heard, you gotta give it to get it. All interested RSVP please!!!

Summer is officially over, though the heat isn't. I hope all ya'll had a great summer with as much piano work as you wanted. I hope you had a chance this summer to sit down, put your feet up, and enjoy a big, cold glass of sweet tea...and do nothing else! This summer I had a client who insisted her folks used to have their piano tuned by a deaf Piano Technician. I said, "you mean blind, non sighted?" "No!" She responded, "He was deaf!" "Interesting!" I said, and started to tune. Before you know it, it'll be Halloween. And then, our busy season starts. Our clients will hope to get the old spinet tuned up for the holidays. You know that spinet. It's a half step flat! It was Grandma's and she was a concert pianist, and a darn good one! Remember to have your stringing kit with you on those service calls Before you tune Grandma's spinet, apply some ProTek lubricant to all the friction points you can reach on the strings. I found it may help prevent string breakage on that half step pull up.

I hope to see you at the October Austin PTG presentation October 12th.


Linn Roath
PTG Austin Chapter

Photo 1: Brian Henselman (maroon shirt)introducing us to the Hailun Pianos

Photo 2: Mike Carraher (black shirt)  Hailun PRT sharing his vertical action regulation skills

Photo 3: Mike Carraher (black shirt) with some "Ah Ha!" moments to share

Photo 4: (L to R) Bruce Mckeithen, Hailun Sales USA West, Brian Henselman, RPT, owner Music Masters Piano Service, Ricki Klos, President PTG Fort Worth Chapter, and Mike Carraher, RPT, with Hailun Piano Manufacturing.

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